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Miss A Gibson
Literacy and English - We are currently learning to identify and write letter sounds. We can sing the alphabet, recognise the 26 letters by their name and sound and use these letters to read and make 3 and 4 letter words. We are using capital letters, full stops and can leave spaces between our words to help us make sentences.

Numeracy and Mathematics - We are learning number order to 20, we are practising counting on and back in order to have a secure understanding of the numberline. We have started addition (counting on/ more) and subtraction (counting back/ less) and are practising using objects to help tell a number story, i.e. 3 sweets and 2 more sweets - 3+2=5

Health and Wellbeing - Through this term we will be looking at key themes such as Healthy, Included and Active. We will identify how we experience these themes in our daily lives and how we can look after ourselves and our own wellbeing.

Term 3 in PE will focus on developing the physical competencies of body movement, balance & control and flexibility. This will be taught through gymnastics whereby attention will be given to rolling, jumping and body shape.  Please note for the safety of all pupils it is important that your child has secure fitting, non-slippery indoor shoes and removes all jewellery for these sessions.   Loose and/or long hair should also be tied back. 

Topic - Our Science topic will cover Space: The Earth, Moon and Sun
Topic - Our Social Studies topic will cover People Who Help Us

Ideas to support homework 
Sounds and Common Words - Play "Friends and Enemies" - look through the sound pouch or word pouch, all the sounds/ words which your child can identify will be "friends" and should sit in the "friends pile". That means that the "enemies", words which cannot be identified, can be focussed on. The aim of the game is to turn all of your enemies into friends!

Numbers - practise counting on or back through the numberline starting at different points. Children are very good at remembering number order when counting on but not as good at counting back. This will help to provide a foundation for beginning subtraction work.

Try this Caterpillar Ordering Game (tablet friendly)

Ideas for Snow Days - added 28th February 2018

* Write your sounds and common words in the snow, make sure your form them correctly!
* Write some news; On my day off from school I..., get an adult to help you with tricky words that you can't sound out.
* Read a story of your choice with a family member or friend. Can you find any common words in your book? Can you find your latest sounds?
* Visit Teach Your Monster to Read (the app is free to download for a limited time - offer expires 4th March)
Numeracy and Maths
* Write your numbers in the snow, make sure you write them the correct way round!
* Build a snowman bigger than you and smaller than you. Count the objects you put on your snowman.
* See if you can find any coins in your house, sort them and then count the 1ps and £1 coins.
* Access RM Easimaths through Glow (link at the bottom of the page) on your computer or tablet. Email me for usernames and passwords.
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