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The children of Room 11 and Mrs Nelson are proud to welcome you to our amazing class page. We hope you enjoy seeing what we are learning about.

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Latest news (23.4.18)

Room 11 are heading off to Lockerbie Manor this week. The children and teachers are all very excited and looking forward to a week of team work and challenges. Look out for picture updates!! These can be accessed via this link: click here.

This term we will be focusing on non fiction reading and writing skills. Children will be working with a range of non fiction texts in their literacy circles. They will learning to recall and understand how to go about reading a non-fiction text and  learning how to create a range of questions and how to answer them while improving their own answers. They will also learn to recall and understand the language and organisational features of all the main non-fiction text-types. In writing there will be a focus on report writing and explanation texts. They will learn to write non-fiction effectively for a particular purpose and audience, using the different language and organisational features of non fiction writing.

Over the course of this term we will be learning about area, perimeter, angles and number patterns. We will also be continuing to work through our Big Maths Clic programmer which continues to challenge the children to develop their mental strategies of the four basic process. Through homework and revision exercises in class we will revise and consolidate previous learning. 


Term 4 in PE will be focussing on athletics and learning about the different athletic components and actions of timing, measuring and the element of competition. The children will be learning how to gain distance and optimal speed through activities such as long jump, discus and javelin.  Please note for the safety of all pupils it is important that your child has secure fitting, non-slip indoor shoes and removes all jewellery for these sessions.  Loose and/or long hair should also be tied back. 

In Science this term the children will be learning about Friction and Forces. Through a variety of experiments and investigations the children will be learning that:
Friction is a force that opposes the movement of one surface across another
The factors which can increase friction/air resistance
Identify situations where it is useful to increase friction and other situations where it is useful to decrease friction.
Be able to suggest ways of reducing friction in a variety of situations

Ideas to support Homework

It would be helpful to encourage your them to work with their weekly diary and help with the specifics of tasks and due dates. This will prepare them for transition to high school. Work on times tables recall and the four basic processes is also a great way to support your child and using Easimaths at home gives a great structure for this. If there are any questions about homework please feel free to put a note in the diary or contact myself at the school, where I will hopefully be able to help. Below you will find websites that will help with revision and support:





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