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Room 2 and Mrs Dowd welcome you to our class page. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos and finding out more about all the things we enjoy doing in Room 2.
Miss Mawhinney, PGDE Student, will be in class from Monday, 16th April until Friday, 18th May 2018.

Mrs Dowd
Term 4 Latest News
For the first five weeks of Term 4, Room 2 have a teaching student- Miss Mawhinney – joining us. Miss Mawhinney has lots of exciting lessons planned for Room 2 and we are enjoying her being in our class.
The children continue to be encourage to use online games such as Teach Your Monster to Read (Literacy), Doorway Online (Literacy), Topmarks (Numeracy) and RM EasiMaths (Numeracy) to support their learning. These games can be accessed online – please ask if you need more information on how to access these.
Room 2 are looking forward to taking part in transition activities with the Nursery later in Term 4, using the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ as the context for learning.


Curriculum Information

In Literacy, the children are continuing to work on using the sounds and common words they know to read and write more independently. We have been working on writing our News each week and on our letter formation through handwriting.
Both pupils in Primary 1 and 2 have been learning about money. The children have really enjoyed the role play shop area in the Open Area where they can choose items to add the total and calculate their change. This is an activity that could be done at home as well as online money games to support learning. The next Numeracy topic we will be focusing on is time.
In both Literacy and Numeracy, homework will continue to reflect what we have been learning in class.
As part of Health and Wellbeing in Term 3, Room 2 have been focusing on being active. The children have enjoyed taking part in different physical activities and thinking about the food we need to eat to stay active. On Friday 27th April, Miss Mawhinney will be helping the children to make their own healthy breakfast cereal.
Our Science topic in Term 4 is topical science and we will be learning about Spring / Summer time. Activities will include finding out more about plants and animals in the Spring and Summer seasons.

Our topic on our Local Area and People Who Help Us is going well. The children enjoyed a walk around Law Village and were then able to make simple maps of Law. We also explored travel options in Law and made bar graphs to show the most popular ways to travel around Law. The children had lots of ideas about People Who Help Us in and around Law and we are hoping to write to some of these people and ask them to come into our class and tell us more about their job.
We have lots planned for Term 4 and are looking forward to it all! As always, please get in touch if you are unsure of anything or wish to find out more.

Ideas to support homework –
For ideas to support homework, please refer to the Numeracy support sheet from the Primary 1 Information Evening and the Literacy support sheets provided as part of weekly homework. If you need another copy of these documents, please write a note in your child’s diary.
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