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Room 2 and Mrs Dowd welcome you to our class page. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos and finding out more about all the things we enjoy doing in Room 2.

Mrs Dowd
Latest News (26.1.18)
Term 3 in Room 2 has been off to a busy start and the pupils seem to be enjoying being back at school after the holiday!
The children have enjoyed opportunities to use the new Chrome books to support their learning in Literacy and Numeracy. The Chrome books have allowed pupils to have more access to online games such as Teach Your Monster to Read (Literacy) and RM EasiMaths (Numeracy). Information on how to access some of these online programmes from home have been put into your child’s homework diary.
As well as being busy in school, many of the pupils in Room 2 have also been busy out with school, participating in clubs such as Gymnastics, Dancing and Football. Remember if your child has won a certificate, medal etc please ask for the wider achievement form and supply us with a photograph in order for your child to be on the wider achievement wall.


Curriculum Information

Literacy –
Primary 1 are continuing to use the sounds and common words they know to become more independent in reading and writing. The pupils are making great progress with remembering a capital letter, full stop and finger spaces in sentences. Pupils also continue to work on developing their drawings to help tell stories.
Primary 2 are focusing on using the sounds and common words they know to write more independently, in different contexts. The pupils have been working hard to improve their writing through the use of WOW words and connectives. Primary 2 have also been using their knowledge of sounds and common words to read different reading books and complete a range of comprehension tasks about these books.
Both Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils enjoyed Show and Tell last term and we will soon be starting our new weekly rota for Show and Tell. This is an effective way for pupils to develop their talking and listening skills as well as learning how to be a good audience and ask relevant questions. The pupils have also started working on handwriting and will be encouraged to transfer this into their daily written tasks.

Numeracy –
Pupils in Primary 1 have been introduced to addition and subtraction within 5. They have been learning that addition means more and subtraction means less. The pupils are enjoying both the written addition and subtraction sums and trying out many different activities and online games to support their learning.
Pupils in Primary 2 have been extending their knowledge and skills on addition by learning about addition within 20. The pupils are enjoying learning and trying out new ways to add bigger numbers. The pupils will then move on to subtraction within 20.
Both Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils are using the Big Maths programme to help support mental Maths. The children enjoy their CLIC sessions and look forward to trying to beat their highest score in their Beat That on a Friday.

As part of Health and Wellbeing in Term 3, Room 2 will be focusing on three outcomes this term:
We will be discussing the meaning of these three terms and working on various activities to support our understanding of being healthy, included and active. The activities undertaken with Mrs McCann during Gym will also contribute to pupils’ understanding and experiences of the three terms.

Term 3 in PE will focus on developing the physical competencies of body movement, balance & control and flexibility. This will be taught through gymnastics whereby attention will be given to rolling, jumping and body shape.  Please note for the safety of all pupils it is important that your child has secure fitting, non-slippery indoor shoes and removes all jewellery for these sessions.   Loose and/or long hair should also be tied back. 

Topic –
Our Science topic in Term 3 is electricity. We have been using the internet to find out about ways to make things move and to find out more about the ways in which objects use electricity. Mrs Blades has been giving us lots of information about toys that she played with when she was little – some of the boys and girls liked the sound of these toys but others were shocked to find out there was no electrical toys!
As part of our Science topic, we will also be exploring how to be responsible and stay safe around electricity.
Later on in Term 3, we will be introducing a new topic – People Who Help Us. We will provide more information when we begin this topic.

Ideas to support homework –
For ideas to support homework, please refer to the Numeracy support sheet from the Primary 1 Information Evening and the Literacy support sheets provided as part of weekly homework. If you need another copy of these documents, please write a note in your child’s diary.
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