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Welcome to Room 4, Primary 2/3, with Mrs Gibson. We hope that you enjoy looking at our class photographs and reading about what we have been learning.

Mrs Gibson
Latest News (26.1.18)
Room 4’s children are continuing to work hard in class this final term.
On June 8th, we will present our class assembly to the whole school and of course parents/carers are welcome too. We have chosen to share our learning about something we have all really enjoyed this year - Steven Brown's art!
In topic the children have recently begun an Enterprise topic, during which they will develop their ability to work co-operatively in a group, taking on different roles (note taker, noise control, reporter, materials manager and time keeper). They will learn lots about how a real business operates, developing skills in advertising and accounts.
Room 4 continuing to use Google Classroom as a tool to facilitate paperless communication between school and home, and teacher and pupil. We now have a new classroom called Room 4's Enterprise Classroom.  
In I.C.T the children have recently completed a Brain Builder about Steven Brown. This was completed using Google Slides and was uploaded by the children to Room 4's classroom.This term in ICT the children will be using Gmail to send and receive emails.

In Literacy this term the children will continue to learn to spell, using a variety of methods such as say, make, break, elkonin boxes and a variety of fun spelling activities. In writing, the children will be learning how to write a persuasive piece and an explanation.
In Numeracy we will continue to learn our times tables facts, linking these with division. We also will be learning how to complete a coin multiplication card. The children will also be learning about money, through the context of our enterprise topic.
In P.E Mrs Gibson will continue to teach fitness, building on strength, stamina and co-ordination skills. This will be done by using the school Trim Trail and by a variety of games played outdoors (weather permitting).
In Health and Well-being, the children are continuing to make healthy choices, such as bringing in healthy snacks. Well done, Room 4! This term we will also learn about achieving, as part of our SHANARRI.

Term 4 in PE will be focussing on athletics and learning about the different athletic components and actions of running, jumping and throwing.  The children will be learning how to use their lead leg for gaining a stride pattern whilst jumping over hurdles and also how to gain distance whilst throwing objects from a standing position.  Please note for the safety of all pupils it is important that your child has secure fitting, non-slippery indoor shoes and removes all jewellery for these sessions.  Loose and/or long hair should also be tied back. 

Expressive Arts
In preparation for our class assembly we will be working on a short drama piece, various songs in music and design in art.

Ideas to support homework
In an attempt to provide the children will some choice in their learning, the children can now choose where to do their spelling tasks. They can either complete this in their jotter or in a Doc created in Google classroom. They will continue to do spelling activities, choosing from the new fun spelling activities booklet and write some sentences. Please take time to visit the Google Classroom each week for homework tasks, useful web links and to view class photographs.
Maths homework - again, to provide some choice in maths, I have given options for the children to choose from. 1 option should be chosen each week. Option 1 -  choose 1 task from the active maths booklet. If the task is taking longer than anticipated to complete then please do so over 2 weeks. Option 2 - visit topmarks and choose Hit The Button game. Try halves and doubles. This will help reinforce number facts needed to complete a coin card. Option 3 -  complete a coin card from the sheet given. Copy and complete it in your homework jotter.
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